King Hong Kong

South East Asia is a hub for high-quality cuisine, cooking and food stuffs. They really take things seriously here. Some may argue that Hong Kong is the epicenter of Asian cooking culture and eating habits… we don’t know about that. What we do know is that HK offers a unique spin on typically Asian dishes, which is an interesting novelty.

One needs to remember that there is a strong western influence on food in this part of the world. Why? Lest we forget… The United Kingdom of Great Britain, for all intents and purposes, owned Hong Kong for one hundred years before giving it back to mainland China. It’s no wonder that local dishes have acquired a British twang over the years. This spin on Asian food has continued to stick and influence the area. We think this is for the better… after all, variety is the spice of life!

Never a dull moment in Hong Kong, with literally thousands of restaurants crammed into a tiny area, HK arguably has the densest food outlet to people ratio anywhere in the region. It’s just as well too, as the locals love their food… and with so much variety to choose from, is it any wonder?

All this talk of food is making me hungry… but what happens when you’ve over done it? Good question. In our opinion, nothing beats a good detox. In fact, you don’t have to look far to see that regular detoxing is good for our bodies. Take any of the most widely practices religions on the planet and you’ll notice that they all have a common practice… fasting. That’s right — fasting is an excellent to detox the body. Simply abstaining from eating solids for a period of time gives the body the break it needs to recover.

Image result for detoxDoes this makes sense? Of course it does! Think about it. Where in nature do you see animals get a full meal EVERY DAY. No where that’s where! It is unnatural for any species to have an abundance of food. Going further, human society has kind of lost it’s way in this respect. Fast food, all you can eat, takeaways are all readily available. Hong Kong is no different… putting locals in the very real danger of the adverse effects of over indulgence.

Think twice before you put those noodles in your mouth! When was the last time you gave your gut a rest? It’s a proven fact that fasting can help with a wide and comprehensive variety of illness, which include but are not limited to diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, hear disease, lung cancer, prostate cancer and much more.

Forget smoking, forget alcohol… food is the next unhealthy trend that needs to be addressed in affluent locations like Hong Kong. The difficulty is recognizing this threat… after all… we all need to eat don’t we. Responsibility is the key word here. Much like the regulations that go with controlled substances like cigarettes and booze… maybe it’s worth considering similar controls for our fast food stuffs…